Twelve Zodiac Signs and Their Personality Traits

Almost all kinds of Astrology systems in practice – Vedic Astrology (also referred to Indian Hindu Astrology), Western Astrology and Chinese astrology, there are twelve Zodiac Signs. While the western astrology places a lot of importance on the Sun Sign – meaning the sign occupied by the planet Sun at the time of the birth of the person.

What is a Sun Sign?

Earth takes about one year to complete its one rotation around Sun. As per the geocentric system of observation, the Sun is assigned a degree from 0 to 360. Further to facilitate the study, each sign is also give 30 degrees. Hence Sun stays in each of the 12 zodiac signs for approximately a month each completing its rotation of 360.

The sign that the Sun was transiting at the time of your birth is your Sun Sign.
There are twelve signs - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. In Vedic Astrology the Sun is taken as the representative of the soul. Therefore, whatever be the system of Astrology, the Sun Signs assume a good importance as the occupation of each zodiac sign by Sun lends a set of unique personality traits and characteristics to the person. A lot can be deciphered about the personality of the person depending on the zodiac sign which Sun is in.

If you know which Sun Sign you are or your friend is then this article could be useful in telling a little more about the different zodiac signs and their personality traits.

Why Study the Zodiac Signs and Personality Traits

In some ways we are all unique individuals with a set of qualities and traits. At the same time we have many common characteristics and traits. Understanding our own personality and character type helps us to discover our motive in life, it helps to understand the style of functioning, the likes and dislikes, the strengths and weaknesses. It also helps to bring out our hidden desires and latent talents.

In the same way, this study is also useful in knowing others – especially our family members, friends, partners, lover and spouse. This helps to understand why they behave the way they do in a given situation.

In simple words, the study of Zodiac Signs helps us to understand the Personality Traits and Type of the person we are interested in.

Aries Personality Traits

An Aries is a person born between the 21st of March and the 20th of April.

The symbol assigned to Aries: Ram
Element of Aries: Fire
Ruling planet for Aries: Mars
Lucky day for Aries: Tuesday

Positive Personality Traits of Aries:  Adventurous, energetic, courageous, and confident are the strengths of Aries.

Negative Personality Traits of Aries:  Self-centered, short-tempered, impulsive, and impatient.

Aries is the first zodiac sign. Thus the Ram also symbolizes birth and Aries are energetic, vibrant like an infant. Aries know for sure what they want and are not hesitant to declare it. They are blessed with courage so don’t expect them to be shy to express of their wants and needs. However, they are not selfish – it is just their way of expressing themselves and it is never their intention to tread on someone’s toes.

Thanks to the properties of the planet Mars they are blessed with an energy and confidence, Aries are known to be outgoing, friendly and believe in leading the people.

Although full of vibrancy and raw energy, the Aries also tend to drop the project (but not the goal) if they do not get the desired results. That way you may call them restless also because they are determined to succeed one way or another.

Determination, strength and courage make the Aries action oriented and the “doers” of the zodiac. Yet they have a reputation of starting something very enthusiastically but also dropping it ‘half way’ if they get bored. Generally speaking, if looking into the horoscope of an Aries you can most certainly predict him or her to be high-spirited, bold and independent. On the other hand Aries do not like taking orders. This can make them sulk.

Aries are quite helpful and generous to others but they openly seek credit for their good deeds. Though they can get angry very quickly but they seldom nurse a grudge for long. Forgive and forget is a motto most Aries live by.

As a lover, they are passionate because it is a fiery sign and yet they can be very trusting. This strength also becomes their weakness as they are very vulnerable and trust someone very easily. A typical Aries lover is said to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Taurus Personality Traits

A Taurus is a person born between the 21st of April and the 21st of May.
Taurus Personality Traits

The symbol assigned to Taurus: Bull
Element of Taurus: Earth
Ruling planet for Taurus: Venus 
Lucky day for Aries: Friday

Positive Personality Traits of Taurus:  Both physically and emotionally strong, Compassionate, Dependable, Loyal, Reliable

Negative Personality Traits of Taurus:  Stubborn, Aggressive

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. Taurus is known to be practical, reliable and yet headstrong sign - much like its symbol bull. People born under Taurus Sign give the impression that they are laid back and you will have to push them if you want them to get into the action mode - exactly like what the Bull symbolizes. At the same time, keep in mind that it is not easy to push Taurus folks to do something against their wish. They are quite stubborn too and if pushed beyond a limit their temper will flare up. Though they rarely loose their cool but stay away from a angry and fuming bull.

Taurus folks make wonderful friends, and they are loyal and will stand beside a friend till last. They know very well how to tune in the emotions but their problem is that they rarely display them. Thus this implies that the bulls have a softer side to them also.

However, the Taurus folks love stability - security being a major need for them. Hence, they are not the first ones to vote for a change – which is a difficult proposition for most Bulls. Their other praiseworthy traits are their Elegant and methodical nature.

People born with Taurus as their Sun sign have the talent and skill to convert ideas and thoughts into actions, for themselves as well as others. They are not known to be very innovative as they are much or doer than thinkers. Due to this personality characteristic the Bulls tend to be great managers of project which they seldom initiate.
A Taurean will always hesitate to start a project but once assigned the responsibility they will stop only when they accomplish it.

In short, they are determined to achieve their goals and they are unstoppable.

Gemini Personality Traits

A Gemini is a person born between the 22nd of May and the 21st of June.

Gemini Personality Traits Characterstics
The Twins
The symbol assigned to Gemini: The Twins
Element of Aries: Air
Ruling planet for Aries: Mercury
Lucky day for Aries: Wednesday

Positive Personality Traits of Gemini:  Energetic, Jovial, good communication / debating skills, inquisitiveness, Clever, Imaginative and flexibility

Negative Personality Traits of Gemini:  Lack of patience, Indecisive, confusing personalities, Superficial and selfishness

Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac. Gemini people are curious, restless and are always on the lookout for new ideas and experiences
Charming and witty, Gemini's are usually fond of company. Intelligent and adaptive, they are blessed with good communication skills. Due to their hobnobbing with various subjects and versatile nature, Gemini’s usually like to have many friends. You will enjoy the company of Gemini as they make very interesting and stimulating friends. They love to leave a great impression on everyone they meet. 
If you need any advice, especially on the matters of relationship and communication, Gemini is the one to ask. They can give good advice and help you with persuasion and enthusiasm.
This air sign is versatile, adaptable. This makes them good students and learners. That is why it is common to find the Heavenly Twins well educated due to their regular yearning for knowledge and intellectual stimulation. Not only that the Gemini’s can outshine others with their intelligence or oratory skills, and thus they are successful in whatever they choose to focus on in life.
Often they are blamed for their duality of nature and a tendency to spend their energy on too many projects. Hence they are labeled as mercurial or having a shifty nature. They know a little about a lot of different subjects - making them somewhat superficial but it helps them create a great first impression!

Having a Gemini boy friend or girl friend can be thrilling and dangerous. With their knowledge of too many subjects, good listening abilities and flexibility Gemini keep their love life peppery. In matters of the heart, you will never get bored with a Gemini and look forward to an ever-changing ride. But you may not like your Gemini friend for certain duality in his or her personality.

Cancer Personality Traits

A Cancer is a person born between the 22nd of June and the 23rd of July.

Cancer Personality Traits
Crab - The Sign of Cancer 

The symbol assigned to Cancer: Crab.
Element of Cancer: Moon
Ruling planet for Cancer: Water
Lucky day for Cancer: Monday

Positive Personality Traits of Cancer:  Emotionally Sensitive, loving, loyal, Intuitive, good imagination, Protective and sympathetic

Negative Personality Traits of Cancer:  Changeable, moody, Overemotional, touchy, Clinging and unable to let go, emotional outbursts

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign. Astrologically, it is not possible to explain the behavior or the personality traits of a Cancer born person in just a few words. This is because the Cancer folks are full of contradictions. Their strength if gone beyond a point can become their weakness. That is why they are also referred to as persons of extremes. On one hand they are extremely attached and caring for the other person displaying full loyalty while on the other hand a typical overemotional Cancer person may find it difficult to shake off his attachment to a person – even if it is the crying need of the situation.

It can be said that a Cancer born will find it quite difficult or challenging to be emotionally strong or stable all the times. He or she has to lean on someone for emotional support, advice and encouragement. On the other hand, a Cancer born is quite independent in monetary terms or rather self-sufficient for the material and physical things in life. This is due to Sun being the lord of their second house of the natural horoscope.

The Cancer born can be quite successful in life if he or she learns to properly harness his / her emotional energy rather than leaning on others like a helpless or vulnerable soul. To understand this complex zodiac sign let us look at the nature and behavior of the crab – which is its natural animal sign. A crab has a hard shell and likes to live in / near water. A crab is shy and yet shrewd enough to know about its own vulnerability. Therefore, it is smart in sensing the danger and it withdraws itself in.

Being a Moon sign also, the Cancer folks are quite temperamental, shy and sensitive. The hard external look is the protective armor of a Cancer person to hide its emotional, gentle and shy personality traits.

It is not surprising that they tend to become to be cautions, self - protective and sometimes very slow, while dealing with the difficult situations and the world at large. Under favorable situations, the Crabs can be kind, generous, admirably understanding and gracious.

Since this sign is quite capable of going to the extremes, don’t be surprised to sometime find a Cancer who is just the opposite - outspoken and flamboyant. Take it this way that the crab is perhaps making an emotional error by being on the other side.

Did I not say that Cancer character is a complex one to understand easily?

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Astrology based upon Sun sign is a generalized sketch of an individual’s personality and characteristics. The Sun has the most important influence in your horoscope and in many ways represents your inner strength. However, it does not take into consideration the aspects of other planets and their position in your horoscope. It is only by studying the entire birth chart, an astrologer can to get a complete picture of your personality.


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